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Slug, Brother Ali, and Dem Atlas

Slug and I go waaay back.. well, not us personally, but I’ve been a massive fan of his music since I was 17 years old and still constantly listen to him. Pretty much the same
goes for Brother Ali, as he really came around when I was 19/20 years old.
I put out some feelers to my friend F.Virtue who has been friends with them since he was young, to see if I could get a few minutes to shoot a portrait of Slug. I was completely blown
away when he emailed me back personally and put me in touch with his tour manager, who in turn asked if I would like to shoot the other 2 acts on the Fly Fisherman Tour.. mind blown.
I knew time would be tight, and you don’t really want to take up too much of it with performers who tour as vigorously as these cats do (They had played a show in Victoria the evening before), so I anticipated shooting each guy for about 5 minutes in between sound checks in a small room off to the side of the stage.
I had 2 light setups planned, the second of which I was only going to use with Slug (I now wish I had taken an extra moment to run the other two through this setup as well)
The main setup was a head with a standard reflector that was gridded for the key light, and a 100cm Elinchrom deep octa for fill, plus a gridded SB800 for a bit of a hair light.
The second setup was simply the deep octa brought in close and a white fill board on the opposite side of the frame.

We got into the venue a bit later, and time was tight, so we scrambled to get set up as fast as possible, and then went straight into shooting before I even had a chance to try and settle my nerves!
I love how the images turned out and am beyond thankful for the opportunity to shoot some of my favourite musicians, they were even so kind to not only hook up tickets to the show, but also provide me with a pass to shoot the show from the photo pit!! And it was awesome to watch all of them perform while peering through my camera.. but Dem Atlas totally blew me away as it was my first time seeing him..holy energy!!!

Go listen to the guys here!
Brother Ali
Dem Atlas

I’m really pushing to seek out the proper avenues for shooting more ‘celebrity’ portraits as I feel that is what my style of work lends itself to, and I understand that the crux of building such a portfolio isn’t always in who you are as a photographer, but rather, finding ways to gain access to the subjects that you want to shoot. Hopefully the future bestows upon more the the same type of luck!!

And now for some photos! 😀 Slug of Atmosphere Portrait1 Slug of Atmosphere Portrait 2Dem Atlas 1Dem Atlas 2Brother Ali 1 Brother Ali 2

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