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3 Inches of Blood Record “Long Live Heavy Metal” | Aaron Aubrey Photography

Last year I was fortunate enough to be asked by Vancouver band 3 Inches of Blood to shoot an image for their last LP “Anthems For The Victorious”.┬áNot only was is super cool to see an image that I had shot on an album, it was on a limited realease 7″ vinyl!

This past December, the band invited me to come and shoot them while they were recording their new full-length release on Century Media Records “Long Live Heavy Metal“.
They guys are extremely chill..even though they make some skull-crushing tunes, and my past work with them had built a comfortability with each other that allowed me to just be a fly on the wall and capture some great moments.

So here’s a little slideshow with a few images.. and after you’re done enjoying that, go watch the new video “Metal Woman


3inches of Recording-223.jpg3inches of Recording-254.jpgPipesrec-21.jpgPipesrec-35.jpgPipesrec-40.jpg3inches of Recording-128.jpg3inches of Recording-167.jpg3inches of Recording-177.jpg3inches of Recording-194.jpg3inches of Recording-216.jpg3inches of Recording-250.jpg3inches of Recording-258.jpg3inches of Recording-372.jpg3inches of Recording-377.jpg3inches of Recording-387.jpg3inches of Recording-49.jpg3inches of Recording-84.jpgBacklit Ash-8.jpgPipesrec-10.jpgPipesrec-17.jpgPipesrec-18.jpgPipesrec-4.jpg

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