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Nikon D800 ~ hands on review!


Yesterday I was doing what every photog LOVES doing..spending hours editing, when I got a call from
Erich Saide, “I’m heading home to unbox my D800, wanna come check it out?”
I finished the image I was working on, then bolted out the door leaving behind a handful of errands.

Now.. I’m one of those “Gear is good, vision is better” type guys.. (thanks David DuChemin), and I don’t
think that everybody needs to grab a D800..!
I currently shoot with a D700 w/ MB-D10 grip, so it was a good base for ergonomic comparisons.
The 800 feels amazing, it rests in your hands so well that it doesn’t really feel like you’re holding
such a beast of a camera. The MB-D12 seems a little bigger, but it does ‘feel’ nicer than the MB-D10.. although
I personally prefer the 10 as I have hands the size of a 13 year old.
The new shooting mode selection dial is a great improvement over the 700, which I found was a little tough to deal with as it was so small, but on the plus..the screen is massive, crisp, clean, and vibrant.
One thing I don’t like on the 800 is that the + and – zoom buttons are reversed.. that doesn’t play well with ingrained muscle memory!

The most important thing though, (yes, even more important than the cool tilt meter in the viewfinder) is the image quality.
While this image is a bit dark as I wanted to keep the sky, there’s still oodles of detail in those buildings.. you see that brick building with the little house thing on the top in the centre of the image? I zoomed in all the way on that and you could read the text, and it was SHARP, with DETAIL.


I didn’t play around with the camera in any automatic settings, so I didn’t get to exercise the camera’s metering system, but it’ll be interesting to see how well it delivers in situations where Av is ideal.
While I love this camera to death, I’ll resist the urge to sell of my D700 which I also love to death and have no feelings of unworthiness (even after playing with the 800), and focus more on honing my vision, creating great images, and opening the doors to shooting new and exciting projects… ohh and swapping my 700 for Erich’s 800 after a shoot! 😉

Annnd a few more pics!

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