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The V-Flat Softbox

I was planning a shoot with the wonderful Chelsea Mandziuk, and I really wanted to come up with a lighting scheme that was new and outside of my comfort zone.
We were to be shooting at Erich Saide’s studio, which I knew had one large V-flat in it. I wanted to try something with 2, but since we were short I started to think of
how I could still utilize the V-flat. There was also a large scrim laying around that I was looking to use as I love how Joe McNally uses large scrims as modifiers. In a
rare ‘Eureka’ moment, my twisted melon came up with this contraption..


In this setup, the head w/ reflector is shooting into the V-flat, that light then corrals off of it and through the scrim. I like the openings on the side as is allows some harder light through
which may be very effective if used right.

I shot with this mostly on axis, but it also works well off to the side of the subject due to its wrap. I’m very excited to try this setup a little more..until I do, here’s some images with it.



Chelsea Mandziuk-MUA
Mary Ann -Hair
Rachel Red-Model




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